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Page chain custom-builds blockchain solutions for disintermediation services to all aspects of the economy (Fintech, Healthcare, Insurance, Public services, Supply chain management, etc.).Our proprietary blockchain libraries can enable us to quickly build secured scalable solutions. Page chain has excellent resource pool of Blockchain technology, security implementation and Artificial Intelligence teams.


Smart Contract Development

Particular business case based efficient smart contract in different languages like solidity (Ethereum), Sawtooth (Hyperledger fabric) etc.


ERC-20 tokens development and connect it with digital assets efficiently for your target users.

Enterprise Blockchain Development

Core enterprise blockchain customizable for particular use cases.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

We provide a secure, flexible and fully customizable white-label exchange software for businesses who want to set up their own exchange for bitcoin or any digital cryptocurrency

Blockchain application development

We provide tailor-made blockchain solutions across several sectors like real estate, insurance, healthcare, governance and many more.

our Solutions


Robust KYC built on top of Blockchain technology seamlessly enable enterprises to share customer’s data securely with genuine authentication

  • A distributed ledger shared among different enterprises ( eg. Banks, Insurance, Telecom providers etc.)
  • Facilitates real time KYC details exchange with genuine user authentication
  • Inter or intra enterprise verification facility.
  • Reduces processing cost substantially.

Trade Finance System

Consensus chain is an international supply chain network built on the top ofBlockchain technology which enables all the stakeholders to securely share the transaction details of the shipping goods efficiently:

  • All the involved parties are part of a Blockchain Network( eg. Importer, Exporter, insurer, shipping firm, forwarders and banks etc.)
  • Proper tracking of goods during transportation.
  • Consensus based transparent and immutable shipping data flow to the concerned parties.
  • Smart contract enables transaction promises between parties involved

Page Blockchain

Page Blockchain is a proprietary Blockchain infrastructure built by Page Solutions.

It is robust and easy to plugin Blockchain Infrastructure for enterprises with high per transaction speed and better security features.


Page chain offers wide variety of services related to token development. Our core expertise of token development is on the Ethereum platform

Token creation

Token transfer

Cold storage

Cryptos Exchange Platform

Our Cryptos Exchange platform is robust, customizable and secured. Easy and fast plugin APIs make the Exchange platform more dynamic and robust

  • 2FA security for account authentication: With 2-Step Verification, you’ll protect your account with both your password and your phone
  • Cold wallet: This dynamic platform carries a key feature of cold wallet. Users can store the majority of crypto coins on their own device to avoid theft by attackers/ hackers
  • High-end performance
  • 70 transactions per sec.
  • Latency: 650μs (99%).
  • Regular load testing with clients
  • High-speed APIs:

Crowdsourcing Platform

We have built a highly secure, Peer 2 Peer, customizable and robust crowdfunding platform on top of Block chain technology to bring in transparency and trust between investor and startups / SMEs

  • The core framework used in this project is Ethereum
  • Transaction will happen with a mediatory crypto currency
  • Highly customizable tracking system for transparent audit processing


What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a technology that uses distributed databases, math and cryptography to record transactions. Think of it as a system composed of many giant accounting ledger databases all synced with identical transaction information. Each new financial transaction gets copied or stacked in sequence. This means that it is virtually impossible to hack them, since it would be necessary to hack millions of databases

Blockchain technology has earned the trust and respect of banks and Governments around the world. Blockchains are provably immutable and enable the rapid transfer and exchange of crypto-tokens (which can represent assets) without the need for separate clearing, settlement and reconciliation.

Why Blockchain for Banks?

Blockchain presents a double-edge sword for banks. On one hand, it could potentially save banks billions in cash by dramatically reducing processing costs. Banks are flocking at the opportunity to reduce transaction costs and the amount of paper that they process. Implementing blockchain would make banks increasingly profitable and valuable. The key benefits of blockchain technology include:

The key benefits of blockchain technology include:

  • Greatly improved security
  • Reduced infrastructure cost
  • Greater transparency and auditability
  • li>Real-time automated settlement

Blockchain Technology works best in conjunction with cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial intelligence, Biometrics, Data Analytics, Internet of Things and Machine Learning.

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